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Insoles ANATOMIC CARBON - pronation, supination

Anatomical foot bed insoles with transverse arch support. They alleviate excessive foot pronation. The FixGel correction wedge, which is made of high-quality gel with the highest damping parameters, helps with foot overstretching and relieves pain from heel spur problems. The insoles offer pleasant wearing comfort, especially in professions where standing is required. They are also recommended for use in sports where the foot, joints and tendons are subjected to heavy stress.
219.00 Kč incl tax

Orthopaedic insoles DIAS - pronation, supination

Orthopaedic insoles support the transverse and longitudinal arch having a special adjustment for the heel spur and a footbed with a Fix-Gel wedge. Upper material: light, comfortable calfskin. Use in shoes with small internal volume - pumps and men's shoes. Not suitable for heavy work shoes.
324.00 Kč incl tax

Orhopaedic insole PAOLA - prination, supination

3/4 orthopaedic insole with transverse and longitudinal arch support with an adjustment for heel spur and pronation with FixGel wedge. Suitable for flat shoes. Its advantage is that it does not take up any interior space and therefore does not reduce the size of the shoe. Material: leather
262.00 Kč incl tax

Orthopaedic 2/3 insole EVA ANTISHOCK - pronation, supination

The 2/3 length orthopaedic insole is thin and does not take too much the space in the shoe. There is a soft, odour-resistant latex foam on the underside which absorbs shocks when walking on hard surfaces. A FixGel correction wedge balances the alignment of the feet. The foot sits in a comfortable orthopaedic footbed.
297.00 Kč incl tax

Insoles SANITIZED CUT-OFF with a heel edge

Soft foam insoles with perforation for more comfort. Fresh scent thanks to DEO perfume. Reinforced double layer of latex foam absorbs sweat and cushions the foot surfaces. Perforation provides better air circulation inside the shoe. SANITISED treatment against bacteria and odours. FRESH lemon scent for a pleasant foot feeling.
114.00 Kč incl tax

Insoles CARBON CLASSIC CUT-OFF with an additional heel edge.

Latex foam in odour-resistant treatment + perforation for improved sweat and foot odour absorption. Thickness 4mm. Additional gel heel wedge corrects the incorrect position of the heel.
109.00 Kč incl tax