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Ortopaedic insoles AGNES children

Orthopaedic half insoles for children. They can be used in different types of closed children's shoes. Especially in shoes made of rubber textiles, the footbed is unstable and the child's foot often slips out of position. The insoles have a deep concave bed that keeps the foot in the right position. The footbed of the insole is raised and prevents the foot from swinging inwards or outwards from the body axis. The interior space in the shoe is only minimally reduced. A self-adhesive layer on the underside prevents the insoles from slipping inside the shoe. Material: leather, light rubber. Preventive orthopaedic aid against flat feet, malposition of the lower limbs and correct posture in children. Sizes are indicated in French numbering and correspond to the size marking of children's shoes 0-1. Size/foot length in cm - 18/12cm, 19/13cm, 20/13,5cm, 21/14,4cm, 22/15cm
67.00 Kč excl tax


Anatomic insole recommended for all kind of feet and a diabetic foot.
140.00 Kč excl tax

Orthopaedic insoles ORTHO children

New soft toddler leather insoles with double moulding support the longitudinal arch for healthy development of the baby's foot. Metric numbering is in cm, i.e. 17 = 17cm, 18 = 18cm, etc. The insoles correspond to the following children's shoe sizes indicated in French sizing: 17/25, 18/27, 19/29, 20/30, 21/32, 22/34. Material: leather, EVA, latex
57.00 Kč excl tax


Anatomic full length insoles with metatarsal and longitudinal arch support. Suitable for all kind of sport and work shoes.
65.00 Kč excl tax

Orthopaedic insoles FINAS CHILDREN

Orthopaedic insole that helps to correct orthopaedic foot defects, supports the longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot. The FINAS orthopaedic shoe insole represents a new generation of orthopaedic shoe aids for children. The shape and design of the insoles were developed on the basis of the latest anthropometric and biomechanical studies on children's feet and in cooperation with medical specialists. They are designed for children with longitudinal and transverse flat feet. When worn regularly, they help to correct orthopaedic foot defects, reduce foot and spinal pain and serve to promote the healthy development of the feet and the entire musculoskeletal system. The insoles are approved by the Orthopaedic and Prosthetic Section of the Orthopaedic Society of the Czech Orthopaedic Society. Material: leather
112.00 Kč excl tax

Double antishock

Double- anatomic insoles with a special anti-shock heel insert. They can be used in any kind of heavy duty, work, trekking or sanitary footwear.
98.00 Kč excl tax


Insoles with special anti shock cushions.
98.00 Kč excl tax


Anatomic insole with an anti odour treatment. Perforation provides optimal breathability. 100% cotton, latex, carbon
98.00 Kč excl tax


Terry cloth insoles provide high sweat absorption and termoisolation. Perfect for spring, summer and fall. The insole is cut to the size of the foot. The size range is 17-22.
32.00 Kč excl tax


Leather insole in a soft and comfortable anatomical profile with a metatarsal cushion. Material: leather and latex
123.00 Kč excl tax


A latex foam thick covered with a genuine wool. It is used primarily in autumn and winter months in all types of footwear.
22.00 Kč excl tax


The anatomical shape of the insoles is profiled on the underside by a flexible plastic skeleton that maintains the necessary height of the longitudinal arch. The transverse arch of the foot is supported by a latex metatarsal pad. The heel area is cushioned with Air-Gel shock absorbents with the highest damping parameters. The terry cloth finish absorbs perspiration well. The insoles are made as double sizes, e.g. 41-42, and must be shortened by 5 mm at the toe with sharp scissors for the smaller size /41/. The insoles are suitable for running shoes for foot cushioning and arch support. The fraying of the textile material at the edges is typical for the material.
107.00 Kč excl tax