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Metatarsal gel strap GEL-LINE

The forefoot support cushions the front part of the foot and protects the metatarsal bones. The support can be used on both sides. It is possible to cut off the toe strip. Elastic and soft bandage with 2mm gel padding to protect the sole of the foot. It is very thin and therefore suitable for all shoes.
114.00 Kč excl tax

Metapolster cushion

Relieves painful areas, prevents the foot from slipping in the shoe.
45.00 Kč excl tax

Ortopaedic insoles JULIA

Leather thin women's insole with metatarsal cushion.
97.00 Kč excl tax

Ortopedické vložky LIVIA

Ortopedické vložky kožené s podporou příčné a podélné klenby do dámské obuvi -balerín.
107.00 Kč excl tax

Ortopaedic insoles SANDRA

Universal orthopedic 2/3 insoles
115.00 Kč excl tax

Longitudinal arch support

This arch support is used to support the inside longitudinal foot arch if ankles are turned inside and lower limbs stay in an incorrect angle.
55.00 Kč excl tax

Metatarsal arch support

Orthopedic aid which supports lowered metatarsal arch.
44.00 Kč excl tax

Metatarsal arch support - right and left

Arch support in a T-shape is designed specially for left and right foot.
46.00 Kč excl tax

Metatarsal arch support - pull on

Pull on a foot. The highest point should be placed right behind the metacarpal bonelets.
37.00 Kč excl tax

Metatarsal arch support, 2 pairs

Arch support for narrow women's shoes or children's shoes (size 20 to 23).
52.00 Kč excl tax

Half-insoles CARBON ladies

Half-insole for high-heeled shoe, fixes the foot in the shoe.
22.00 Kč excl tax