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Ankle bandage with a metatarsal arch support

Ankle compression bandage stabilizes the foot from an ankle to the toes. It fixates loose ligaments, muscles, metacarpal and metatarsal bones. It gives a support to a lowered metatarsal arch and helps to prevent from a flat foot.
119.00 Kč incl tax

Forefoot bandage

Compression metatarsal bandage supports weakened ligaments, foot and metacarpal muscles.
86.00 Kč incl tax

Gel bunion sleeve Hallux Valgus GEL-LINE

An elastic fabric bunion protector gives immediate relief and special protection of the bunions.. Its small size and special design allow it to fit perfectly into any shoe. It gives immediate relief by constantly massaging the bunion part of the foot. The design of the sleeve ensure a stable position on the foot. The fabric stretches to fit several foot sizes.
153.00 Kč incl tax

Metatarsal gel strap GEL-LINE

The forefoot support cushions the front part of the foot and protects the metatarsal bones. The support can be used on both sides. It is possible to cut off the toe strip. Elastic and soft bandage with 2mm gel padding to protect the sole of the foot. It is very thin and therefore suitable for all shoes.
196.00 Kč incl tax

Hallux Valgus splint - night

Hallux Valgus can be caused by variety of factors, poor foot position or wearing inappropriate /too narrow or pointed/ shoes. This deformity makes wearing shoes uncomfortable. In severe cases, the big toe overlaps the second toes. The size corresponds to shoe size 35-42. Functions. It is not recommended to use the splint in case of thumb pain and in case of immobility of the toe joint. Do not use the splint if pain occurs and consult your doctor about the problem.
187.00 Kč incl tax

Hallux Valgus splint - night and day

An aid for the correction of valgus deformity of the thumb joint. The movable special joint between the splints allows it to be worn during the day when walking and is also suitable for wearing in comfortable shoes as well as slippers. Of course, it can also be used during the night's rest. It is also used in post-operative rehabilitation treatment to stabilise the position of the thumb joint. Use on the right and left foot. It is recommended to use the splint at shorter intervals in the beginning until the foot gets used to it ha. The basic prerequisite for use is mobility of the thumb joint without restrictions and pain. Consult your doctor for use. Instructions for use: first loosen the fastening Velcro straps on the toe and instep, pull from the side over the toe onto the toe joint and only then tighten the strap and fix it to the foot via the Velcro cap.
232.00 Kč incl tax


Toeless sock with gel pad in the tibia area. Protects the area from pressure, friction and pinching in many kind of sports. Especially indicated for ski and skate boots. Used under the socks with the pad either in contact with the skin or facing the sock. Washable and reusable.
487.00 Kč incl tax

Bandáž Achillovy šlachy Gel-line

Bandáž ke zpevnění vazů a ochraně Achillovy šlachy.
487.00 Kč incl tax