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Toe support GEL-LINE-hammered toe

Slip on a second toe when suffering from a hammered toe. The gel toe support is designed for the left or right foot, in sizes 35-40 and 41-47. For a generally wider foot, a larger size is recommended. The strap is put on the 2nd toe of the foot. Made of moisturizing, elastic and soft gel.
94.00 Kč incl tax

Hammered toe corrector Gel-line

Corrective sleeve for the hammer toe. The protective sleeve is tightened on the second toe. Universal size.
129.00 Kč incl tax

Podpora prstů 3-tá Gel-line

Regulátor kladívkových prstů s trojitou fixací. Komplexní řešení kladívkových a utištěných prstů chodidla.
129.00 Kč incl tax

Toe separartor ergonomic

Toe spreader - specially designed for correction of all toes and quite suitable for hammertoes; also for separating displaced, tight and overlapping toes. The toe spreader prevents pain while correcting all toes. Suitable for painful feet, hallux valgus, blisters on the toes and dorns between the toes. The toe separator is made of a soft, smooth and comfortable gel. Ergonomic design with lateral loops to ensure perfect positioning. Washable and reusable. Long lasting! Helps to increase blood circulation, to stretch muscles and to return toes to a natural position.
129.00 Kč incl tax