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Insoles SET spring-summer-fall-winter

4 pairs of insoles for year-round use. Cut off size 35-46 CARBON, SANITISED, WOOL, TERRY CLOTH
199.00 Kč incl tax


Designed specially for winter. An aluminium foil layer with a special antislip adhesive finish – will not let cold and humidity into the shoe inside. It is placed into the shoe with the aluminium foil down. It is liked also by women in winter season as it is relatively thin.
59.00 Kč incl tax


Anatomic insole with an anti odour treatment. Perforation provides optimal breathability. 100% cotton, latex, carbon
125.00 Kč incl tax

Insoles ANATOMIC CARBON - pronation, supination

Anatomical foot bed insoles with transverse arch support. They alleviate excessive foot pronation. The FixGel correction wedge, which is made of high-quality gel with the highest damping parameters, helps with foot overstretching and relieves pain from heel spur problems. The insoles offer pleasant wearing comfort, especially in professions where standing is required. They are also recommended for use in sports where the foot, joints and tendons are subjected to heavy stress.
219.00 Kč incl tax

Insoles CARBON SUEDE for women shoes

Three-layer, very thin material - Suede+Latex Carbon+Texon anti-slip with anti-odour effect perfectly cushions the tread especially in ladies' pumps. The foot does not slip in the shoe.
49.00 Kč incl tax


Anatomic insole recommended for all kind of feet and a diabetic foot.
198.00 Kč incl tax

Insoles SPORT FUSBET dynamic

Anatomical insoles with padding and useful features - airy, antibacterial, antifungicidal, with dynamic load parameters and abrasion resistant. Use in footwear where there is a need to protect the foot against severe impact or to soften the foot step through a firm and rigid sole construction.
187.00 Kč incl tax


A latex foam covered with a genuine wool. It is used primarily in autumn and winter months in all types of footwear.
49.00 Kč incl tax

Orthopaedic insoles DIAS - pronation, supination

Orthopaedic insoles support the transverse and longitudinal arch having a special adjustment for the heel spur and a footbed with a Fix-Gel wedge. Upper material: light, comfortable calfskin. Use in shoes with small internal volume - pumps and men's shoes. Not suitable for heavy work shoes.
324.00 Kč incl tax


Leather insole in a soft and comfortable anatomical profile with a metatarsal cushion. Material: leather and latex
153.00 Kč incl tax

Half-insole LUXUS ladies

Thin leather half insole made of high quality leather with latex cushioning membrane and non-slip profile. The insoles are suitable for ladies' pumps with medium and high heels.
69.00 Kč incl tax


Soft foam insoles with perforation for more comfort. Fresh scent due to DEO parfume. Reinforced double layer of latex foam absorbs sweat and cushions the foot surfaces. The perforation ensures better air circulation in the shoe. SANITISED treatment against bacteria and odours. FRESH lemon scent for a pleasant foot feeling.
57.00 Kč incl tax