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Orthopedic leather insoles ADAM

Orthopedic leather insoles with transverse and longitudinal arch support in a light anatomical shape. ADAM offers a whole surface padding and a deep stabilizing heel cup.
299.00 Kč incl tax


DIAS is an orthopaedic insole with a high arch support.
279.00 Kč incl tax

Vložky CARBON PLUS ortho

179.00 Kč incl tax

Orthopaedic insole LUCIA exlusive

Ladies leather insoles with a softer profile in the area of a metatarsal arch
266.00 Kč incl tax

Ortopedické vložky NATUR

159.00 Kč incl tax


FLEXI WOOL THERMO insole with transverse and longitudinal arch support is suitable for classic, boots and sporty women's and men's winter shoes. It balances the flat foot, insulates the footwear and absorbs shocks, especially in the heel area. The heel area is padded with Air-gel shock absorbents with the highest damping parameters. The insoles are made as a double size, e.g. 41-42, and for the smaller size /41/ it must be shorten by 5 mm at the tip with sharp scissors. The rear part of the insole is reinforced with a carbon part that makes it more abrasion resistant and increases durability.
145.00 Kč incl tax


The anatomical shape of the insoles is profiled on the underside by a flexible plastic skeleton that maintains the necessary height of the longitudinal arch. The transverse arch of the foot is supported by a latex metatarsal pad. The heel area is cushioned with Air-Gel shock absorbents with the highest damping parameters. The terry cloth finish absorbs perspiration well. The insoles are made as double sizes, e.g. 41-42, and must be shortened by 5 mm at the toe with sharp scissors for the smaller size /41/. The insoles are suitable for running shoes for foot cushioning and arch support. The fraying of the textile material at the edges is typical for the material.
137.00 Kč incl tax