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Gel insoles with the highest cushioning parameters. Gel insoles are anatomically formed in waist, heel and toe area. The cover made out of suede imitation is long-lasting, prevents slipping in the shoe and has a soft surface. The insole are thin and can be worn in any kind of footwear. They can be also used for sport shoes. The certified gel material has a maximum cushioning effect, it is long-lasting, non-toxic and can be used in a direct skin contact. We recommend to remove the adhesive foil and to glue the insole directly into the shoe, especially helpful in sandals and open shoes. Other option is to keep the foil on, this way the insole can be used in different shoes.
259.00 Kč incl tax

Insoles 3D GEL

Anatomically shaped insole with a raised area to support the longitudinal foot arch. 3D gel has the highest cushioning parameters to be able to absorbs shocks while walking. The insole is suitable for all kinds of activities. Technogel offers perfect pressure distribution, it is very durable, microporous, and do not cause any skin irritations. Gel layer makes walking comfortable and decreases tension in joints, muscles and ligaments. The upper side of the insole has a structure that absorbs sweat and provides air circulation. The insole can be washed in warm water (ca. 30°C). There is an adhesive foil on the bottom for fixing the insole into the shoe and prevent slipping. Other option is to keep the foil on and use the insoles in different shoes.
319.00 Kč incl tax


Self-adhesive transparent gel insoles with longitudinal arch support. Very good suitable for ladies' pumps. Material: Polyurethane gel
99.00 Kč incl tax

Metatarsal arch support GEL-LINE

This arch support in a heart shape corrects lowered metatarsal arch. It is not self-adhesive - you can use it in different shoes. Use barefoot, put in on a footpalm on the area where are the heads of metacarpal bonelets and put elastic cover over your foot. Use nylon stocking, sock, brace or plaster for a better fixation on the foot. It can be washed with warm water. After drying apply body powder. It is made of elastic, soft and moisturizing silicone gel.
99.00 Kč incl tax