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Toe and joint protector Gel-line

Elastic and soft protective gel ring covers and protects toes and knuckle blisters. Made of a moisturizing, elastic and soft gel.
122.00 Kč incl tax

5th toe bunion pad GEL-LINE

The anatomical shape of the sleeve follows the exact shape of the pinky joint. It is put on over the small toe and protects the affected area. Its small size and special design allows its use in any shoe. Gives immediate relief by constantly massaging the area and joint. Made of an elastic and soft, moisturizing gel, it aids the disappearance of corns and abrasions.
89.00 Kč incl tax

Blisters protection self-adhesive OVAL 2 pcs LARGE

Gel blister protector covers the painful area, contains a very fine mineral oil that softens the blister and helps to remove it more easily.
108.00 Kč incl tax

Blisters protection self-adhesive OVAL 6 pcs SMALL

The soft blister protector gradually releases a gentle mineral oil on the painful area, which nourishes and softens the skin and facilitates the the healingl of the blister. Also suitable for use on corns and after pedicure procedures.
149.00 Kč incl tax

Metatarsal cushion SLIP ON GEL-LINE

A suitable supplement of cushioning metatarsal pad in open shoes. Slip on the second toe. Made of moisturizing, elastic and soft gel.
139.00 Kč incl tax

Little toe protector TUBI GEL-LINE

Cone slip-on cover for the 5th toe of the foot. Protection against friction, blisters and abrasions. Universal size. The protector is made of elastic, soft and moisturizing silicone gel.
89.00 Kč incl tax