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Ortopedic insoles SAMINA

Anatomical insoles for the forepart area in the shoe with a slight elevation in the metatarsal area.
Manufacturer: Dr. Grepl
SKU: 107-1
Manufacturer part number: 107-1
123.00 Kč incl tax

It makes walking on an uneven surface comfortable.

The anatomical shape holds the foot in a comfortable footbed.

The shoes are comfortable and do not hurt the feet.

Suitable for shoes with a flat heel.

Material: leather

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Packaging1 pair


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Anatomic full length insoles with metatarsal and longitudinal arch support. Suitable for all kind of sport and work shoes.
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The anatomical shape of the insoles is profiled from the bottom by a flexible plastic skeleton, which supports the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot. The perforated latex part wicks away moisture and the carbon liner absorbs odours. The heel section is cushioned with an air-gel shock absorber with the highest cushioning parameters. Suitable for sports and outdoor footwear. The insoles are produced as a double size, e.g. 41-42, and for the smaller size /41/ it is necessary to cut them with sharp scissors at the toe by 5 mm.
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Ortopaedic insoles SANDRA

Universal orthopedic 2/3 insoles
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Metatarsal arch support

Self-adhesive metatarsal arch support pads in the shape of a drop made of latex with leather cover. For gluing into the shoe in case of deformities in the forefoot area and at the inner longitudinal arch. It supports the anatomically correct position of the metatarsal bones on a small surface and at specific points. The front transverse arch is thus corrected and the complaints are alleviated.
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