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Heel pad FixGel

Self-adhesive heel pad for an individual adjustment of insoles. It is used to adjust the incorrect position of the heel to the body axis, the so-called bent and bent angulation of the lower limbs of the foot - pronation or supination. It can be applied on any classic or footbed insole in any type of footwear, whether it is formal, work or sports footwear.
Manufacturer: Dr. Grepl
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The heel pad can also be glued directly into the shoe if it is not possible to remove the insole, e.g. sports or children's shoes.
The gel correction heel pad maintains a height of 3 mm when walking after compression. It keeps the lower limbs in the correct position and fix the upright line of the entire body.
This is essential for the healthy development of the skeleton and the general motor skills of the body. It is particularly important to monitor this condition by children.
It is made of high-quality gel with the highest parameters of flexibility and cushioning.
The insole copies the lower shape of the insole. The gel correction pads protect the shoe insoles and at the same time increase the functionality and durability of the insoles.
The product is antibacterial and suitable for diabetics.

The heel insoles are asymmetrical, suitable for the left and right foot.
It is also possible to use the heel pad if the heel deviates outwards. Then you stick the gel pad with the highest point on the outer edge of the right and left inner sole.
When applied directly to the shoe without using an inner sole, the shape of the correction is simply adapted to the shape of the inner heel of the shoe with scissors.
We recommend using new insoles.The gel heel pad can only be glued once.


  • Correction of incorrect angulation of the limbs - pronation or supination
  • easy application and maintenance
  • perfect cushioning and comfort
  • universal use
  • enhancement of the functionality and quality of the insole
  • relief of heel pain in case of heel spur problems
Products specifications
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Products specifications
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Packaging1 pair

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